The Infamous Tether Incident! HUNDREDS Of NASA UFOS!!!!

UFOs Darting In And Out Of Clouds In Indiana 2009!

NASA UFO Sightings - Martyn Stubbs Explaining the 2nd NASA UFO phenomena

How these shaped, multicolored UFOs we discovered. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

NASA UFO - Multiple UFOs Durring STS 75

A new clip after the tether broke showing UFOs mixed with stars. (Stars are light yrs. away) From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives,

UFO VIDEO NASA - Camera Operator Does A Quick Pan To Show Location Of Moving UFO

A tilt down to see a UFO & back up to the city image. on a shuttle night camera From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives

NASA UFOs - Multiple UFO's One Takes SHARP Turn!!!

Pay VERY close attention at 2:13 in the video!!!

This is a weird UFO sighting from 2009 in Russia. Possibilities are rocket, meteor, or unidentified. You be the judge!

NASA UFO VIDEO - Space Battle Between Multiple UFOs

Here is a pretty crazy video. It shows that seems to be two projectiles fired at two different moving objects. The astronaut zooms in on on one of the moving objects, and zooms back out once the object is out of frame. This shows he did see the object, and was trying to get better evidence on tape. Regardless of whether they were shooting at each other or not, the astronaut was watching, and zoomed in.

NASA UFOs Multiple Objects Moving Over Surface, Camera Turned Towards Wall.

UFO NASA: Something Is Following The Space Shuttle

NASA UFO Single Celled Organisms In Zero G, Hmm, Looks Familiar!!

Russia UFO Russian Fighter Pilot Catches UFO On Video Durring Chase!!!!

Russia UFO Multiple Orbs Float Over City 2

UFO NASA Large Very Apparant UFO Hovering Above Earth.

Russia UFO One Orb Turns Into Many!


UFO Mexico September 2009

UFO UK England UFO Pilot Sees LARGE Craft

UFO UK England Light Traveling Over City

NASA UFOs Taking Off From Earth

UFO NASA Follows Space Shuttle STS

NASA UFO Changes Direction, Camera Operator Zooms In On Object!!!!

Russia UFO Invasion! Multiple Lights In The Sky!

UFO China UFO Lit Craft In The Sky.

UFO Jesus Painting With UFO's

UFO California

UFO SWEDEN Near Collision With Aircraft

NASA UFO Flys Low Over Earth, Lands, Camera Pans Away

NASA UFO Spinning Perfect Rectangle


NASA UFO Camera Opperator Zooms in and Waits for the UFO to Take Off!!

UFO Moon Surface Flyby!!!

UFO Moon Flyby!!!

UFO Russia 2009

UFO During Eclipse!

UFO Brazil Hovers Up and Down Above City

UFO Poland 2008

Columbia Crash UFO Diamond

UFO France Twin UFOs

UFO California 2009

UFO France 2009 Flyover!

NASA UFO Video, UFOs Exiting Atmosphere Raw Video